Easy Acai Bowl

Originating from Brazil, the acai bowl is a refreshing frozen smoothie bowl that needs no introduction. Packed with antioxidants as well as essential amino and omega fatty acids, acai berries are truly a superfood. It is surprisingly easy to make your own acai bowl at home, and you can customize it with whatever toppings you prefer!
Prep Time 10 mins
Cooking Time -



Acai Bowl Base



  1. Slightly thaw acai packet at room temperature, and break into smaller pieces.
  2. Add all ingredients for acai bowl base to a high speed blender and blend until combined.
  3. Pour in a bowl and top with toppings of choice. Enjoy!


  • Look for frozen acai puree with no added sugar.
  • Use the minimum amount of liquid required to blend everything to avoid mixture turning into a smoothie.
  • Get creative with your toppings! Other toppings you may add are: any sliced fresh fruits, coconut chips, cacao nibs, any seeds, nuts, and nut butters.