Release date: Oct 2021

2021 FITober

Type: Full Body, Weight Loss

Equipment: Resistance Bands (Optional), Weights (Optional) Fitness Mat

Approx 30 min

Per day

Throughout October

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Older day schedules are removed. Click here for the full FITober shedule
Note: The 2021 FITober schedule is designed to help people stay active together. You just need to jump in and follow the workouts based on the date. Past days are removed from the schedule below, so this full schedule is just here for a reference. Don't feel pressured if you dropped off, just continue based on each day and hop onto our Discord server if you're looking for workout buddies.

15th October 2021

2 workouts | 25 min (in total)

16th October 2021

3 workouts | 40 min (in total)

17th October 2021


18th October 2021

3 workouts | 40 min (in total)

19th October 2021

3 workouts | 25 min (in total)

20th October 2021


21st October 2021

2 workouts | 30 min (in total)

22nd October 2021

3 workouts | 30 min (in total)

23rd October 2021

3 workouts | 35 min (in total)

24th October 2021


25th October 2021

3 workouts | 45 min (in total)

26th October 2021

3 workouts | 45 min (in total)

27th October 2021

3 workouts | 45 min (in total)


End of FITober! Movember schedule coming soon.
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Why is the schedule different? Why is there is there no day 1?

This Fitober follow along schedule goes according to real time and date, updating every week with new workout routines. This does mean that you will not be able to see past week schedules depending on what the date is. Sometimes challenges might feel like something that is too much to handle. So I wanted to create something that we can look forward to daily and you can follow along as your life schedule allows you to.

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Is this a challenge/program?

Fitober is not the usual challenge/program that I put out. The concept of this follow along schedule is to keep our body happy, active and healthy as we wait for the next challenge. It’ll be updated in every week so feel free to jump in anytime and follow along with the rest of us!

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How do I follow this schedule?

It’s simple! Follow the videos corresponding to the date in real life and you are good to go!

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Should I start using full schedule?

No, just follow the workouts based on the date. The full schedule link is shared just as a reference but you do not need to start from a previous day. The whole purpose of this schedule is just to stay active with the community.

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What's the goal of this schedule?

The goal of the schedule is to stay active while we wait for the next challenge. A lot of people fall out of the habit of working out and it’s easy to feel unmotivated during these months as we get into the holiday season.

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Can I follow this Fitober schedule while doing another program?

I do not recommend doing 2 challenges at the same time, likewise, I do not recommend following the schedule while you are on a challenge. Following this schedule along with another challenge might mean that you are doing 2 - 5 more videos worth of exercises in a day which can be excessive. However, if you really do feel like you want to go and can go an extra mile on certain days, feel free to join in and participate on that day.

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Are they going to all be new videos?

There will be a mix of existing and several new ones mixed into this follow along month!

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