Matcha Chocolate Coated Almonds

Matcha lovers, this is for you! Crunchy dry roasted almonds coated in a thin layer of dark chocolate and dusted in premium matcha powder. It's the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth without sending you to a sugar high.
Prep Time -
Cooking Time 20 mins




  1. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Set aside.
  2. Melt dark chocolate in a double boiler or in microwave. Temper chocolate if you want.
  3. Add almonds to melted chocolate and stir them around to make sure each one is evenly coated in chocolate.
  4. Pour almonds onto the pre-prepared tray lined with baking paper. Take care to keep each piece separate from each other.
  5. Let the chocolate set in room temperature if using tempered chocolate. If using untempered chocolate, let it set in the fridge.
  6. Once chocolate is set, pour almonds into a container with a lid and pour matcha powder over it. Close the lid and shake the container until each almond is coated in matcha.


  • Tempering chocolate is an optional step. It's to make sure the chocolate turns out smooth and glossy and will not feel "tacky" in room temperature. If you don't want to temper chocolate, just be sure to keep the finished almonds in the fridge.
  • If using double boiler to melt chocolate, take care not to let any water get in as that will cause the chocolate to become "seized" and you will have to start over.
  • Use good quality matcha powder as it will impact the taste of the finished product.
  • Use any dark chocolate you like. You can also use sugar-free chocolate if you want.